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Disponil® BES 20 EVO

Sold by BASF

Disponil® BES 20 EVO, known by its chemical name as isotridecyl ethersulfate, sodium salt, is a multifunctional substance categorized within the chemical family of sodium salts, ethoxylated fatty alcohols, and sulfates. This versatile compound serves as a nonionic surfactant and emulsifier, with its primary function centered around facilitating effective emulsification processes. Designed for various industrial applications, Disponil® BES 20 EVO plays a crucial role in providing surfactant and emulsification capabilities within its specified chemical composition.

Brand: Disponil (50 products)

Chemical Name: Isotridecyl Ethersulfate, Sodium Salt

CAS Number: 54116-08-4

Functions: Emulsifier, Surfactant, Surfactant (Nonionic)

Chemical Family: Ethoxylated Fatty Alcohols, Sodium Salts, Sulfates

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