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FoamStar® SI 2299

Sold by BASF

FoamStar® SI 2299 is a highly effective deaerator and defoamer suitable for spray coating, brush, and roller applications. It excels in airless/air mix spraying, preventing microfoam efficiently. The product exhibits remarkable and persistent defoaming properties over time. Particularly well-suited for airless/air mix spraying, it also performs admirably in brush applications and, to some extent, in roller applications, effectively knocking down the foam and eliminating microfoam. Its outstanding long-term defoaming persistency ensures reliable performance

Brand: FoamStar (20 products)

Functions: Defoamer

Labeling Claims: Non-Corrosive

Compatible Polymers & Resins: Acrylics

Features: Good Compatibility, Maximum Micronutrient Availability, Maximum Plant Uptake

Synonyms: Dimethicone

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