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Lupranol 3300

Sold by BASF

Lupranol 3300 functions as a monomeric ingredient and is used in consumer goods applications, particularly in the footwear industry. It is in a liquid state.

Brand: Lupranol (28 products)

Chemical Name: Polyoxyalkylene Triol

CAS Number: 25791-96-2

Chemical Family: Polyols

Synonyms: Glycerin-initiated polypropylene glycol, Glycerol poly(oxypropylene)triol, Glycerol polyether with propylene oxide, Glycerol polypropylene glycol ether, Glycerol tri(polyoxypropylene)ether, Glycerol-initiated polypropylene glycol-polyethylene glycol, Glycerol-polypropylene glycol triether, Glycerol-propylene oxide copolymer, Glycerol-propylene oxide polyether triol, Glycerol-propylene oxide polymer, Glyceryl polypropylene glycol ether, Poly(oxypropylene) glyceryl ether, Poly(oxypropylene)glycerol, Poly(propylene oxide) glycerin ether, Poly(propylene oxide) glycerol ether, Polyoxypropylene glycerol triether, Polypropylene glycol 1,2,3-propanetriyl ether, Polypropylene glycol ether with glycerin, Polypropylene glycol ether with glycerol, Polypropylene glycol glycerin ether, Polypropylene glycol glycerin triether, Polypropylene glycol glycerol ether, Polypropylene glycol glycerol triether, Propoxylated glycerin, Propoxylated glycerol, Propylene oxide polymer glyceryl ether, Propylene oxide-glycerol polymer

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