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Poligen® Wax OA 3 Powder

Sold by BASF

Poligen® Wax OA 3 Powder is an oxidized PE hard wax. Emulsified Poligen® Wax OA 3 Powder together with other auxiliaries (polymer dispersion) achieves hydrophobization (water-repellent) properties. Prepared Poligen® Wax OA 3 Powder emulsions are used for automotive waxes, leather polish, shoe polish, textile finishing, and for floor polishes and furniture polishes.

Brand: Poligen (7 products)

Functions: Anti-Abrasion Agent, Mold Release Agent, Polishing Agent, Release Agent

CAS Number: 68441-17-8

Chemical Family: Polyethylene Waxes, Polyethylenes, Polyolefins, Waxes

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  • Europe
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  • 25KG Plastic film bags
  • 750KG Flexible IBC