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  • INCI Name:Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, C13-15 Alkane
  • Functions:Smoothing Agent, Thickener
  • Ingredient Origin:Natural Origin
  • Labeling Claims:Clean at Sephora, Naturally Derived, Natural, Sustainable
  • Certifications & Compliance:ISO 16128
  • Benefit Claims:Water Repellency, Low Volatility, Moist Feel, Good Rheological Properties, Silky Feel, Moisturizing, Non-Tacky, SPF Enhancement, Smooth Feel, Optically Wrinkle Masking, Volatile, Enhanced Slip, Compatibility, Film Forming, Powdery Feel, Dry Feel, Cold Processable, Mattifying Effect, Optical Blurring, Cushioning Effect, Spreadability, Luxurious Skin-Feel, Sensory Enhancement, Non-Greasy Feel, Superior Skin Feel, Smoothing, Soft Feel
PURESIL™ ORG01 is a dispersion of silicone crosspolymer in a non-volatile alkane. It can be used to deliver a wide range of benefits in cosmetic, skin care, hair care and sun care formulations. Benefits Dry smoothness Silky, lubricious skin feel Boosts SPF of sunscreens Features Alkane is 100% naturally sourced, derived and manufactured according to ISO 16128 >80% naturally derived non-volatile carrier Disperses physical sunscreens effectively and uniformly Compatibility with organic ingredients Enables matte look Reduces tackiness Applications Cosmetics - Concealers, foundations, make-up bases, cream blushes, cream eyeshadows, matte lip glaze, and lipsticks Skin care - Skin serums, moisturizers and anti-aging products Sun care - Sun creams and lotions and suntan lotions Hair care - Leave-in conditioners, sprays and styling products


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