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LRBG Chemicals USA MF 304PCB

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Supplier:  LRBG Chemicals
Chemical Family: Melamine Formaldehydes (MF)
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Wood
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Technical Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA MF 304PCB Technical Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA MF 304PCB Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA MF 304PCB Safety Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA MF 304PCB Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Applications & Uses

Compatible Polymers & Resins
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces


Physical Form
Tan free flowing powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Particle Size (Retained on 40 mesh)max. 0.2%BTM-850-102
Dilutability19 - 25%BTM-850-202A
Water Titer9 - 16mlBTM-850-101
pH9.2 - 9.8-BTM-850-103

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Standard Packaging

The standard package for MF 304PCB is a fiber drum with a poly-liner as a moisture barrier. Upon request packaging in drums at 50, 100, or 300 pounds is available.

Storage & Handling

Storage Conditions

MF 304PCB is a stable material which is not inclined to change provided it is stored in closed containers in a cool, dry area. The lid should be placed on the drum when not in use. Optimum storage conditions are below 75°F. and 60% relative humidity. The powder will remain usable for six months when stored under optimum conditions.

Typical Handling Procedures
  • Blending:

Warning - Do not add water to the pre-catalyzed resin until the resin process is ready to use it. When used in a solution, the user blends MF 304 with warm water (110-120 F) at 100 parts resin to 50 parts water by weight.The best way to start the blend is to charge the warm water to the blending vessel and start agitation. Next, add about half the resin charge and keep blending until smooth. Then add the remainder of the resin and again blend until smooth. Waiting for the resin solution to clear in the blending vessel is not necessary. Sample the solution and let it set for a while. When the small air bubbles dissipate, the resin solution is ready to use.

  • Pot Life:

The working life of MF304PCB when mixed with water is 2 hours at 80°F, 3.5 hours at 70°F and 1.5 hours at 90°F.

  • Curing:

The resin bearing solution should be applied by impregnation bath or by coating spreaders. Curing temperatures are usually between 250 - 310°F. Lower temperatures can be used with catalysts. In the case of impregnation, having a minimum pressure of 40 psi is advisable when curing. Typical pressures are 200 psi. The pressure is needed to drive off or hold water in the resin bearing piece. The presence of water can cause surface imperfections or distortions of the piece.

  • Molding:

The resin solution can be blended with a solid support (typically a pulverized paper or wood flour) and cured to a solid piece. Once blended, the resin compound can be poured into the mold. With catalyst, the cure can be accomplished at room temperature over 24 hours. Curing can be accelerated by applying heat to the mold. Some shrinkage of the finished molded piece can be expected. If high temperature curing is to be used the mold must be adapted for the release of water as vapor or steam.

LRBG Chemicals USA MF 304PCB
LRBG Chemicals