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LRBG Chemicals USA S 440

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Product Type: Contact Adhesive, Radiation Curable Adhesive, Splicer Adhesive
Application Area: Wood Veneer Splicing
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Wood
Cure Method: Radiation Cure, Heat Cure
Chemical Family: Urea Formaldehyde (UF)
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Technical Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA S 440 Technical Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA S 440 Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA S 440 Safety Data Sheet
LRBG Chemicals USA S 440 Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

LRBG Chemicals USA S 440 Features & Benefits

CASE Ingredients Features

Applications & Uses

Application Procedure

Mixing Procedure:

  • Best results are obtained with a mix of 60 parts water per 100 parts of S440.
  • To get a lump free mix: Start with water at 15 - 25°C. Add the powder adhesive to the mixing pot and add half the water.
  • Start mixing and coat all the powder to make a paste; follow with the rest of the water and mix for at least 5 to 10 minutes to a lump free liquid. If the mix is not to be used right away, cover the vessel with foil or plastic wrap to prevent evaporation. Up to 8 parts of additional water may be used to thin out the mix if needed.


  • The S440 should be applied as light a possible to the glue line and still maintaining a continuous line of glue film on the veneer edge. Too Heavy of a glue application will result in glue build up on the splicer machine, veneer sticking, and longer dry down times.
  • Dry out, carry or assembly time can be influenced by ambient temperature, the warmer the room temperature the shorter the assembly time. The moisture content of the veneer will also influence the carry time, lower moisture contents usually shorten the time.


Physical Form
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscosity500 - 1,000cps-
Gel Time (at 100°C)100.0sec-
Pot Life (at 30°C)10.0hours-
Pot Life (at 25°C)20.0hours-
Dry Out Time15 - 35minutes-

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
4 Months
Storage Conditions

S440 will remain usable for at least four months if kept in a cool and dry environment. Avoid any kind of contamination with moisture, and always close containers when not in use. Keep container out of direct sunlight.

LRBG Chemicals USA S 440
LRBG Chemicals USA Inc