LRBG Chemicals USA UF 313

LRBG Chemicals USA UF 313 is a melamine-fortified, internally catalyzed urea formaldehyde powder adhesive designed for the tapeless splicing of veneers with straight-through and cross-feed conventional as well as high-speed splicing machines. LRBG Chemicals USA UF 313 is formulated for applications requiring durability, light color and opacity, and moderate-to-high speed operation. It is characterized by a large operating window, allowing application of the adhesive one day and bonding up to two days later.

Product TypeContact Adhesive, Radiation Curable Adhesive, Splicer Adhesive

Application AreaWood Veneer Splicing

Compatible Substrates & SurfacesWood

Cure MethodHeat Cure, Radiation Cure

Chemical FamilyUrea Formaldehyde (UF)

Knowde Enhanced TDS

Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family

Features & Benefits

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Applications & Uses

Application Area
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces
Application Procedure

Although UF313 contains an internal lubrication package, release properties can be further enhanced where needed through the addition of up to 2% of RA -10 release agent. Glue line color can be fine tuned through the addition of W - 10 Whitener or BR-10 dye (brown).

Mixing Procedure:

  • Best results are obtained with a mix containing 50 parts of water and 100 parts of UF 313 adhesive. To get a lump-free mix, add the powder adhesive to the mixing pot, follow with the water and immediately start the mixer.
  • The water temperature should be 15 - 25°C. Mix the blend for at least 5 minutes. Add the adjustments (release agent - typically 2 parts, whitener - typically 1 part, or dye - typically a few drops) if needed and remix for 2 minutes.
  • If the mix is not to be used right away, store it in a closed vessel or cover the vessel with foil or plastic wrap to prevent water loss by evaporation. Up to 8 parts of additional water may be used to thin out the mix if needed.


Physical Form
Light tan powder
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Viscosity (at 25°C)1500 - 2500cps
Gel Time (at 100°C)55 - 70sec
Liquid Life (at 30°C)3.0hrs
Liquid Life (at 25°C)5.0hrs
Dry Out Time25 - 50minutes
Assembly Time1- 2days

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
3 Months
Storage Conditions

UF 313 will remain usable for three months if kept in a cool and dry environment. Avoid any kind of contamination with moisture, and close containers when not in use. Keep out of direct sunlight.