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BioPBS™ partially (bio-based polybutylene succinate) is revolutionary in its two-fold bio properties. Bio-based: Using advanced technology from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, it is both bio-based and biodegradable plastic. Composable: Derived from natural resources, such as sugarcane cassava and corn, BioPBS™ is compostable into biomass, carbon dioxide and water. Products made from BioPBS™ can be disposed of along with organic waste. BioPBS™ has no adverse effects on the environment and is naturally compostable, without requiring a specialized composting facility.
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Conventional Converting Equipment

You can utilize this advanced material with the same machines you currently own with no additional investment. BioPBS™ can be applied in current extrusion coating machines, blown film extruders, and injection molding machines.

BioPBS™ Benefits
  • High Service Temperature: Applications made by BioPBS™ can withstand up to 100°C. BioPBS™ can be used for hot beverage cups, boxes, and utensils for freshly cooked food.
  • High performance heat sealability: Having at least same level of seal strength as conventional petro-plastic but achieved with lower temperature. We provide the same performance with less cost in waste disposal expense.
  • Good printability without pre-treatment
  • Compatible with natural fibers
  • Excellent Processability
  • Mutual compatibility with other biodegradable plastics such as polylactic acid (PLA).
  • Mixing BioPBS™ with other types of biopolymers can meet customer requirements in a greater degree of properties. 
Food Contact And Environmental Compliance

According to grades and applications, BioPBS™ is registered as food contact approved, and pass the most demanding bio based and compostable requirements.
BioBPS™ is certified by official bodies.

Closed Loop Formula with BioPBS™
  • BioPBS™ containing renewable carbon.
  • BioPBS™ fully biodegradable even at ambient temperature and compostable (EN13432).
  • BioPBS™ compatible with end-of life both recycling (repulping operation) and composting even in backyard.
  • BioPBS™ is contribution to circular economy.
  • BioPBS™ safe for you and planet. It is food contact, approved by FDA, EU and JHOSPA.
  • BioPBS™ has processability similar to Polyethylene (PE).