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Chemical Name: Docosan-1-ol, Alcohols, C16-18, distn. residues, Alcohols, C12-22, distn. residues, Stearyl Alcohol, Alcohols, C18-22, distn. residues
Function: Anti-Foaming Agent
Chemical Family: Alcohols, Blends & Combinations
Labeling Claims: High Purity
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Identification & Functionality

NAFOL 20+ Features & Benefits

Labeling Claims

Applications & Uses


Physical Form
Slight sweet
Waxy solid
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
C16 OH Contentmax. 0.5wt. %600-11
Refractive Index (nD80)approx. 1.435-DIN 51423
C18 OH Contentmax. 7wt. %600-16
C20 OH Content35.0 - 50.0wt. %600-11
C22 OH Content26.0 - 44.0wt. %600-11
C24 OH Content9.0 - 17.0wt. %600-11
C26 OH Content4.0 - 10.0wt. %600-11
Color (Hazen)max. 1.8-EN ISO 6271
Total Alcohol Contentapprox. 80wt. %600-18
Density at 80°C0.802 - 0.808g/mlDIN 51757
Viscosity at 80°Capprox. 6.8mPa.s600-25
Water Contentmax. 0.1 wt. %DIN 51777
Acid Numbermax. 0.3mg KOH/gASTM D974, ISO 2114, DIN EN 2114
Flash Pointapprox. 210°CASTM D 92
Hydroxyl Value145 - 155mg KOH/g600-30
Solidification Point55 - 60°CDIN 53175
Iodine Valuemax. 20mg I/100mg600-39
Ester Valuemax. 10mg KOH/g600-33

Regulatory & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

NAFOL alcohol viscosity vs temperature

Sasol NAFOL 20+ NAFOL alcohol viscosity vs temperature

NAFOL alcohol density vs temperature

Sasol NAFOL 20+ NAFOL alcohol density vs temperature

Packaging & Availability

Regional Availability

Storage & Handling

Storage And Handling

Precautions for safe handling 

Advice on safe handling

  • Wear personal protective equipment.

Advice on protection against fire and explosion

  • No special protective measures against fire required.

Fire-fighting class

  • B: Fires involving liquids or liquid containing substances. Also includes substances which become liquid at elevated temperatures.

Conditions for safe storage, including any incompatibilities

Further information on storage conditions

  • Protect from frost, heat and sunlight.

Storage class (TRGS 510)

  • 10-13: German Storage Class 10 to 13

Other data

  • Stable at normal ambient temperature and pressure.