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Crestakyd® 41-5009

Crestakyd® 41-5009 is a styrene-modified alkyd based upon a blend of mixed non-yellowing oils and supplied as a solution in xylene. It is a very versatile resin that gives paints with high gloss and good resistance properties. It is also used in the marine industry for quick drying coatings.

Brand: Crestakyd (31 products)

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Enhanced TDS

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Crestakyd® 41-5009 is a universally employed resin in primers, enamels and hammer finishes. End uses vary from toys to marine deck paints and also include office furniture, drums, and agricultural machinery. Crestakyd® 41-5009 is ideally suited for a wide range of air-dry, low bake and general-purpose stoving industrial paints. Air-dry films dry to touch in 15-20 minutes, are hard dry in 25-30 minutes and yield high build and gloss. High standards of adhesion, cohesion and flexibility are achieved. Typical of many styrene modified alkyds there is a tendency towards sensitivity to recoating a deficiency usually associated with drier concentration, film thickness and application conditions. Crestakyd® 41-5009 can be used for primers and other air-dry industrial finishes.


Soluble in
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Solid Content58.5 - 61.5%-
Oil TypeMixed non-yellowing--
Colormax. 8Gardner-
Acid Value (Base Resin)max. 10mg KOH/g-
Viscosity (at 25°C, 60%NVS in Xylene, Brookfield)2000 - 3000mPa.s-

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

Crestakyd® 41-5009 can be supplied in drums, road-tankers and in containers.

Storage & Handling


Crestakyd® 41-5009 should be stored between 5 and 30°C in the original, unopened container in a dry, well ventilated place. Exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided.