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INCI Name: Lauramine Oxide
Function: Surfactant (Amphoteric), Lubricant, Dispersant, Wetting Agent, Emulsifier, Foam Stabilizer, Foam Booster, Viscosity Modifier, Foaming Agent, Surfactant
CAS Number: 1643-20-5
Certifications & Compliance: Kosher, Safer Choice
Synonyms: DDAO, DDNO, Dimethylaurylamine oxide, Dimethyldodecylamine N-oxide, Dimethyldodecylamine oxide, Dimethyllaurylamine oxide, Dodecydimethylamine-N-oxide, Lauramine oxide, Laurylamine oxide, Lauryldimethylamine N-oxide, Lauryldimethylamine oxide, Lauryldimethylammonium oxide, LDAO, N-Dodecyl-N,N-dimethylamine oxide, n-Dodecyl-N,N-dimethylamine-N-oxide, n-Dodecyldimethylamine oxide, N-Lauryl-N,N-dimethylamine oxide, N-Lauryldimethylamine N-oxide, N,N-Dimethyl-1-dodecanamine N-oxide, N,N-Dimethyl-1-dodecanamine oxide, N,N-Dimethyl-N-dodecylamine N-oxide, N,N-Dimethyl-n-dodecylamine oxide, N,N-Dimethyldodecylamine N-oxide, N,N-Dimethyldodecylamine oxide
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Identification & Functionality

AMMONYX® LO Features & Benefits

  • Preservative Free
  • Stable across wide pH range
  • Compatible with hypochlorite and peroxide bleach
Functional Properties
  • Foam Enhancer
  • Foam Stabilizer
  • Viscosity Builder
  • Lubricant*
  • Bleach Stable
  • Emulsifier*
  • Wetting Agent*
  • Dye Dispersant*
  • Can be formulated with anionic, nonionic and cationic materials.
  • Acid Stable
  • Excellent degreasing
  • Improves detergency

(*For the textile industry)


AMMONYX LO is readily biodegradable.

Applications & Uses


Formulation Type
Physical Form
Pale yellow liquid to white semi-solid (at 25°C)
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Boiling Point100°C-
Amine Oxide (MW 251)30%-
Cloud Point-1°C-
Free Amine (MW 235)0.49%-
Colormax. 100-Apha Scale
pH (10% in aqueous solution)8--
Free Peroxide0.13%-
Viscosity (at 25°C)18cPs-
Flash Pointmin. 94°CPMCC Flash Point Tester
Regulated Volatile Organic Chemicals0%U.S. EPA
Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC)11mg/l-
Draves Wetting (at 25°C)1sec-
Interfacial Tension5.7nM/M-
Specific Gravity (at 25°C)0.97--
Surface Tension30.4mN/m-

Regulatory & Compliance


All components of AMMONYX LO are listed in the following countries; the registration numbers for the active ingredients are included in parentheses: United States (TSCA 1643-20-5), Europe (EINECS 216-700-6), Japan (ENCS 2-198), Canada (DSL 1643-20-5), Australia (AICS 1643-20-5), Korea (ECL Serial No. KE-11348), Philippines (PICCS 1643-20-5) and China (EICS 1643-20-5). AMMONYX LO is cleared for use user 40 CFR 180.910, pre- and post-harvest applications. AMMONYX LO meets the U.S.

Safety & Health


The available toxicity data shows AMMONYX LO to be slightly toxic orally to rats, (LD₅₀= 3600 mg/kg). At 2.5% active, AMMONYX LO may cause severe eye irritation and minimal irritation to the skin.

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type
Standard Packaging

AMMONYX LO is available in bulk and in 55 gallon drums (net weight 425 lb/193 kg).

Storage & Handling

Storage & Handling
  • Normal safety precautions (i.e., gloves and safety goggles) should be employed when handling AMMONYX LO. Contact with the eyes and prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly after handling material. It is recommended that AMMONYX LO be stored in sealed containers and kept at temperatures not lower than 50 °F (10 °C) nor higher than 120 °F (49 °C). Avoid overheating or freezing.
  • Bulk Storage Information: Tanks, with a conservation vent, made of 316L stainless steel or fiberglass with an Atlac 382 corrosion liner are recommended. Centrifugal or positive displacement gear pumps and piping should be 316L stainless steel. Recommended storage for bulk tanks is 20-52 °C (68-125 °F).
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