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VINNAPAS® is WACKER’s brand name for a versatile range of polymer-based dispersions, powders and resins that are used to improve the properties and performance of products in a wide range of industries. The portfolio has been continuously improved and optimized since the 1950s. Thus, VINNAPAS® products set the standard and are leading in many applications.
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Features & Benefits

Applications & Uses

Application Method
Compatible Polymers & Resins
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Knowde Brand Highlights

Main Characteristics
  • VINNAPAS® products are co- and terpolymers of various monomer units, such as VAc, S-A, A, VC-E and VAE. They are produced in our integrated ethylene production system, which reuses raw materials, byproducts and energy, ensuring seamless quality control and good eco-efficiency.
  • WACKER first started producing VINNAPAS® vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) grades in the 1960s. This technology offers huge future potential, since VAE combines technical performance with environmental benefits at an attractive cost-in-use ratio. We are now also able to produce VINNAPAS® grades using renewable resources.
Main Benefits and Application Areas

All VINNAPAS® grades feature extremely high binding power, often combined with high flexibility, making them ideal as adhesion promoters for a variety of substrates. Depending on the polymer composition, specific grades also transfer properties such as hydrophobicity, heat resistance or flame-retardancy.

Main Application Areas

  • Construction
  • Paints and coatings
  • Adhesives
  • Nonwovens and textiles
  • Composites