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Luvipur® FM 85

Sold by BASF

Instant Deal Available

Composite IBC: 0.96EUR/KG EXW (MOQ: 1200KG)

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Terms & Conditions for Instant Deals

An Instant Deal is a time limited price indication for a selective product. Prices and information displayed for Instant Deals do not constitute a binding offer from BTC but are just an opportunity for the customer to request an offer. The contractual partner responsible for the order processing is the related local BASF Unit in the country of the respective sold-to party. For the DACH region it is the BTC Monheim GmbH.

The price is calculated as base price without freight and logistic costs, which are added in a next step depending on quantity and place of delivery. A final price offer needs to be requested with the button "request a quote"; Incoterms are CPT; we do not deliver below the respective MOQ; we do not commit on any volumes - "only as long as stock last"; we only sell and deliver to sold-to and ship-to companies within our RTC core reaions in Furone.

Brand: Luvipur (3 products)

Chemical Name: Formic acid

End Uses: Detergents

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Enhanced TDS

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  • 1200KG Composite IBC
  • 240KG Plastic drums