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Crodaquat™ DGR

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Function: Surfactant
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Technical Data Sheet
Crodaquat™ DGR Technical Data Sheet
Crodaquat™ DGR Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Crodaquat™ DGR (HA40403) (US-EN) Safety Data Sheet
Crodaquat™ DGR (HA40403) (US-EN) Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Cleaning Ingredients Functions
Cleaning Ingredients

Crodaquat™ DGR Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-low interfacial tension reduction
  • High performance over a broad temperature range
  • Rapidly liberates oil from substrates
  • Highly effective in removing lithium grease
  • Works over a wide pH range
  • Good compatibility with common builders
  • Great for low and non- VOC formulations
  • Easy to handle, high activity liquid
  • Well suited to high active concentrates
  • Performs well at high dilution rates
  • Can function as the only surfactant in a formulation
Performance Highlights

Performance Interfacial Tension

The primary function offered by CRODAQUAT DGR is that of degreasing. To effectively degrease a surface with a water-based cleaner, one needs to provide a means to encourage oily soils to release from the surface and enter the wash liquor. A key criterion to making this happen is greatly reducing the interfacial tension between the soil and detergent solution. The chart below shows the clear superiority of CRODAQUAT DGR in reducing interfacial tension compared to 3 competitive degreaser oriented surfactant blends.

Crodaquat™ DGR - Performance Highlights

Figure 1: Reduction of interfacial tension by CRODAQUAT DGR compared to 3 competitors

Performance – Surface Oil Removal

The following pictures demonstrate the speed and the efficiency at which CRODAQUAT DGR will remove oil from a surface. Painted steel panels are coated with used motor oil and submerged in 0.33% w/w solutions (50ºC) of CRODAQUAT DGR and its closest competitor. The images below show remarkable performance differences. In the CRODAQUAT DGR solution the oil almost immediately begins to effervesce from the surface. After a short while, the wash liquor has become very clouded with the liberated oil. By contrast, significant time transpires before any oil is actually liberated into the wash liquor containing the competitive product. When the test is terminated at 5 minutes, the panels were evaluated for cleaning efficiency using a reflectometer. CRODAQUAT DGR is shown to be 52% more effective in oil removal.

Croda Crodaquat DGR Performance Highlights - 2Croda Crodaquat DGR Performance Highlights - 3

Figure 2: Cleaning efficiency percentage of CRODAQUAT DGR compared to a competitor

Performance – Grease Removal

Many find that a product that may work well on oily soils might not do as well on grease. CRODAQUAT DGR proves to be effective against both soil types. To demonstrate grease removal capabilities, CRODAQUAT DGR was compared with several competitive surfactant systems on vinyl tiles coated with a lithium grease/carbon black soil. Grease-coated tiles were submerged in a 0.33% w/w surfactant solution (25ºC) for four minutes. The tiles were then removed from the treatment bath and rinsed for 5 seconds under a gentle stream of cold tap water. One can see from the resulting images and chart that CRODAQUAT DGR is vastly superior to all competitive products when cleaning greasy soils.

Croda Crodaquat DGR Performance Highlights - 4

Figure 3: Soil removal percentage of CRODAQUAT DGR compared to a competitor

Applications & Uses

  • Heavy duty degreasers
  • Industrial hard surface cleaners
  • d-limonene and pine oil based degreasers
  • Acidic lime scale removers
  • Car & truck washes
  • Pressure wash cleaners


Physical Form

Regulatory & Compliance

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Type

Regional Availability

Storage & Handling

Handling, Safety & Availability

CRODAQUAT DGR is an easy to handle liquid at room temperature and should only require warming when it has been cooled below about 13ºC (see viscosity curve). The product is water soluble but does require agitation to fully solubilize.

Croda Crodaquat DGR Handling, Safety & AvailabilityCRODAQUAT DGR is moderately irritating to skin. Please review our product MSDS for safety and handling procedures.

CRODAQUAT DGR is a proprietary blend of materials. All components in the product are present on the TSCA, EINECS and DSL chemical inventories.

CRODAQUAT DGR is produced at our site in Mill Hall, PA and is supplied in steel drums with a net weight of 180 kilos

Crodaquat™ DGR