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VESTAMID® NRG 3001 NC is a polyamide 12 compound specifically developed for the manufacturing of hydrocarbon transport piping systems and liners. This material offers easy processing and excellent dimensional control during pipe extrusion, particularly for large diameter pipes. VESTAMID® NRG 3001 demonstrates exceptional compatibility with hydrocarbons such as crude oil, as well as oilfield chemicals like paraffin inhibitors. As a result, it delivers high dimensional stability and maintains unaffected properties for parts in contact with these substances. Experience the reliability and performance of VESTAMID® NRG 3001 in your hydrocarbon transport applications. Choose VESTAMID® NRG 3001 for its superior properties, easy processing, and excellent dimensional control, ensuring optimal performance and durability in your piping systems and liners.

Polymer Name: Polyamide 12 (PA 12)

Chemical Family: Polyamides

Additives Included: Heat Stabilizer, Light Stabilizer

Processing Methods: Extrusion, Injection Molding, Pipe Extrusion

Materials Features: Dimensional Stability, Easier Processing, Excellent Compatibility, Fuel Resistant, Good Light Stability, Good Thermal Stability, Good Weather Stability, Heat Stabilized, High Viscosity, Hot Water Resistant, Hydrolysis Resistant, Light Stabilized, Oil Resistant, UV Resistant, Unreinforced, Very Good Heat Resistance

Color: Natural

Technical Data Sheet

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Identification & Functionality

Chemical Family
Composite Materials Functions
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Features & Benefits

Product Attributes
  • VESTAMID® NRG 3001 is a polyamide 12 compound developed for the manufacturing of hydrocarbon transport piping systems and liners. VESTAMID® NRG 3001 is characterized by easy processing and excellent dimensional control during pipe extrusion, especially by processing of large diameter pipes.
  • The material has an excellent compatibility against hydrocarbons (i.e. crude oil) and oilfield chemicals (i.e. paraffin inhibitors) resulting in high dimensional stability and unaffected properties of parts in contact with those.
  • The process temperature should be within a range of 220°C to 240°C. Generally, VESTAMID® NRG 3001 is processable on most of the commercially available PE extrusion machines.

Applications & Uses

Plastics & Elastomers Processing Methods


Mechanical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Tensile Modulus (dry)191000psiISO 527
Tensile Strength (dry)5510psiISO 527
Yield Stress (dry)5800psiISO 527
Yield Strain (dry)14%ISO 527
Stress at 50% Strain (dry)5510psiISO 527
Stress at Break (dry)6960psiISO 527
Nominal Strain at Break (ɛtb, dry)160%ISO 527
Typical for the Mat. Nom. Strain at Break (ɛtb)200%ISO 527
Poisson's Ratio (23°C, dry)0.43-ISO 527
Poisson's Ratio (Var. Temp., dry)0.45-ISO 527
Temperature (dry)212°FISO 527
Charpy Notched Impact Strength (+23°C, dry)25.7ftlb/in²ISO 179/1eA
Charpy Notched Impact Strength (-30°C, dry)7.14ftlb/in²ISO 179/1eA
Shore A Hardness (1s) 98-ASTM D2240
Shore A Hardness (15s) 99-ASTM D2240
Shore D Hardness (1s) 75-ASTM D2240
Shore D Hardness (15s)72-ASTM D2240
Compressive Modulus (23°C) 1250MPaISO 604 / ASTM D695
Compressive Modulus (60°C) 384MPaISO 604 / ASTM D695
Physical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Density (dry)1.02g/cm³ISO 1183
Water Absorption (dry)1.6%Sim. to 1SO 62
Humidity Absorption (dry)0.9%Sim. to 1SO 62
Moisture Content (dry)0.02wt.-%ISO 15512
Bulk Density (Granulate)37.3Ib/ft³-
Weight Per 1000 Granules (dry)15.4g-
Thermal Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Melting Temperature (dry)349°FISO 11357-1/-3
Thermal Conductivity (LFA, Solid State, dry)1.67BTU in/(hr ft² °F)ISO 22007-4
Vicat Softening Temperature A (10 N, 50 K/h, dry)342°FISO 306
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (23°C to 55 °C, Parallel, dry)7.78e-05in/in/°FISO 11359-1/-2
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (23°C to 55 °C, Normal, dry)7.5e-05in/in/°FISO 11359-1/-2
Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT A - 0.45 Mpa) 45°CASTM D648
Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT B - 1.8 Mpa) 145°CASTM D648
Heat Capacity DSC (23°C) 2.02J/(g-K)ASTM E1269
Melt Temperature DSC177°CASTM D3418
Heat of Fusion DSC65J/gASTM D3418
Heat of Fusion (100% Crystalline) 210J/gTheoretical
Test Specimen Production
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Injection Molding - Melt Temperature 554°FISO 294
Injection Molding - Mold Temperature 140°FISO 294
Injection Molding - Injection Velocity 7.87in/sISO 294
Rheological Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Molding Shrinkage (Parallel, dry)0.4%ISO 294-4, 2577
Molding Shrinkage (Normal, dry)1.5%ISO 294-4, 2577
Mold Temperature (dry)140°F-
Melt Temperature (dry)554°F-

Packaging & Availability

Packaging Information

VESTAMID® NRG 3001 is supplied as cylindrical granules, ready for processing, in moisture-proof bags.

Storage & Handling

Shelf Life
2 years
Storage Conditions

Inside the original and undamaged packaging, the product has a shelf life of at least 2 years when stored in dry rooms at temperatures not exceeding 30°C.