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TROGAMID® CX7323 NC banner
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  • Polymer Name:Polyamide 12 (PA 12)
  • Processing Methods:Injection Molding, Sheet Extrusion, Film Extrusion, Profile Extrusion, Extrusion
  • Additives Included:Light Stabilizer, UV Stabilizer
  • Flexural Modulus:1701.83 - 1701.83 MPa
  • Materials Features:Good Thermal Stability, Food Contact Acceptable, Fatigue Resistant, Oil Resistant, Electrically Insulating, Drinking Water Contact Acceptable, Fuel Resistant, Light Stabilized, Hydrolysis Resistant, Crystalline, High Optical Transparency, High Gloss, Good Light Stability, Abrasion Resistant, Medium Viscosity, UV Stabilized, Unreinforced, Excellent Transparency Properties, General Purpose, Hot Water Resistant, Good Optical Properties, Wear Resistant, Good Weather Stability, Good Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR), UV Resistant, Crack Resistant
  • Color:Natural
TROGAMID® CX7323 NC is a specialized polyamide designed for injection molding applications. This microcrystalline transparent polyamide exhibits exceptional transparency to the human eye due to its extremely small crystallite size, which prevents the scattering of visible light. The material's crystalline structure also imparts outstanding crack resistance, ensuring durability and reliability in various manufacturing processes. TROGAMID® CX7323 is conveniently supplied as spherical pellets, packaged in polyethylene. This product allows for a certain degree of flexibility in molds and processing, enabling adjustments to accommodate specific cavity requirements or optimize the overall manufacturing process. With its unique properties, TROGAMID® CX7323 offers a reliable solution for the production of transparent parts through injection molding.
VESTAKEEP® 4000 GF30 banner
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  • Polymer Name:Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)
  • Processing Methods:Injection Molding, Isostatic Molding, Extrusion
  • Fillers Included:Glass Fiber
  • Materials Features:Good Compressive Strength, Good Thermal Stability, Oil Resistant, Acid Resistant, Dimensional Stability, Low Flammability, Salt Water/Spray Resistant, Hydrocarbon Resistant, Low Warpage, Abrasion Resistant, Good Mechanical Properties, Chemical Resistant, Semi Crystalline, Good Rigidity, Gasoline Resistant, High Pressure Applications, High Strength, Wear Resistant, High Temperature Application, Alkali Resistant, Creep Resistant, Water Resistant, Low Shrinkage, Solvent Resistant, Crack Resistant, High Viscosity, High Stiffness, Flame Resistant
  • Color:Natural
VESTAKEEP® 4000 GF30 is a glass fiber-reinforced (30%) polyether ether ketone specifically designed for injection molding applications. This semi-crystalline polymer offers superior mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance, ensuring exceptional performance. Parts manufactured from VESTAKEEP® 4000 GF30 exhibit low flammability, enhancing safety. Compatible with common injection molding machines for thermoplastics, this material simplifies the manufacturing process. Experience the reliability and versatility of VESTAKEEP® 4000 GF30 in your injection molding applications. With its glass fiber reinforcement, it provides enhanced strength and rigidity, while maintaining excellent properties in challenging environments. Choose VESTAKEEP® 4000 GF30 for its superior mechanical performance, thermal stability, chemical resistance, and ease of processing, enabling the production of high-quality injection molded parts.


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