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Innovative Plant Based Plastics. Breaking Bio-Tech Boundaries.

What is Floreon?

Floreon is a plant-based plastic, derived from crops such as corn and sugar cane, making it a renewable alternative to oil-based plastics with up to 7 times lower carbon footprint. Our available grades are Dura-Tech, Bio-Tech and Therma-tech, there is a Floreon grade suitable for your specific application.

Why is Floreon different?

We are an award-winning sustainable materials technology company that has developed a unique patented formulation to take a plant-based plastic (PLA) and enhance its performance; allowing it to compete with engineering polymers in several demanding applications while having a much lower carbon footprint.

Floreon can be used in electrical applications with our specialist formula with added flame retardance called Therma-Tech, and your product can be held to the same tough standards you expect with our durable grade, Dura-Tech. For disposable applications we’ve developed Floreon Bio-Tech, which will degrade in industrial composting along with food waste where traditional mechanical recycling is not an option. 

More Information & Technical Specifications

Please contact us for more detailed technical information or download one of our specification sheets on our Knowde platform.

Having benefited from ten years of R&D and product development, Floreon is ready to realize its global potential through both material and brand licensing. Watch our video here on reasons to choose Floreon over oil based plastics:

For more information on Floreon visit our website, or contact our Technical Expert on Knowde

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