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Symbiosis for your microbiota

The Symbiotec laboratory has developed a unique expertise in symbiotic fermentations

We have created symbiotic ferments and leavens intended for the valorisation by fermentation of animal raw materials (milk, whey...), vegetable raw materials (soya, cereals, medicinal and aromatic plants...).

We have developed new simple and efficient fermentation processes in order to innovate and manufacture symbiotic products for human and animal nutrition, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary), agri-food and agro-ecology, bio-phytosanitary and the environment.

Today, we are at a crossroads because our symbiotic technology is a perfect response to the growing demand for bionatural products that play a role in maintaining the balance of our intestinal microbiota.

This potential of the intestinal microbiota, just discovered, is the missing link to launch symbiotic products on the market of food supplements and health foods.

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