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Function: Surfactant (Cationic), Anti-Static Agent, Fabric Softener
CAS Number: 91995-81-2
Certifications & Compliance: Kosher
Active Content: 1.04 - 1.04 %

STEPANTEX® VL 90 A is a diester fabric softener quaternary providing excellent softening, good antistatic and rewetting properties. This cationic surfactant paste is well suited for the formulation of household and industrial cleaners.

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Manalox™ 410

Ready to Use Product Type: Solventborne Sealant, Solventborne Adhesive & Sealant
Compatible Substrates & Surfaces: Leather, Wood
Chemical Family: Aluminum Salts, Aluminum Compounds, Stearates

Manalox™ 410 can be simply diluted with solvent to provide a clear waterproofing penetrating sealant which exceeds Industry Standard ASTM D-4446 or it can be further enhanced with resin, waxes and pigments allowing the formulator much flexibility to obtain target performance criteria. Manalox 410 is a concentrated liquid solution of poly-oxoaluminum stearate which comes supplied in a miscible carrier solvent. The poly-oxo form of aluminum stearate is readily soluble in organic liquids which provides for ease of manufacture as well as final product consistency and ease of application. Being a reactive aluminum derivative, this poly-oxo aluminum compound is capable of reacting with carboxylic acid groups, hydroxyl groups and with water. Since the reaction with water produces the dihydroxyaluminum stearate, the chemical can be thought of as ‘anhydrous aluminum stearate’. The fully reacted aluminum stearate would be difficult to dissolve in solvents because of the tendency of all fatty aluminum salts (or aluminum soaps, as they are called) to gel organic solvents. The poly-oxo form, however, is readily soluble in organic liquids which allows for it to soak deep into the pores of the wood with the carrier solvent. Then when the solvent evaporates, this material chemically reacts with the small amount of moisture found in the wood and converts to the aluminum stearate forming a hydrophobic barrier within the pores. This product will not change the look or color of the wood nor leave behind a slippery surface film. Although the treatment goes deep into the pores of the wood and will prevent water from entering the pores, it does not block moisture vapor from coming through.

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