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Ultra Filling Spheres® C00487

Ultra Filling Spheres® C00487 technology is based on the ability of dehydrated and cross-linked spheres to penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and to absorb the water that evaporates from the deep dermis. Thanks to their hygroscopic properties, the volume of the spheres increases rapidly. Thus inflated, they tighten the skin, causing wrinkles to appear smoothed and leaving a skin surface that feels elastic with long lasting hydration.

Brand: Ultra Filling Spheres (1 products)

INCI Name: Glucomannan, Sodium Hyaluronate, Trihydroxystearin

Functions: Anti-Wrinkle Agent, Filler

Labeling Claims: Bio-based, Clean at Sephora, Credo Clean Standard, GMO-free, Nanomaterials-free, Natural, Non-GMO, Not Tested on Animals, Preservative-free, Ulta Beauty's Conscious Beauty, Vegan

Certifications & Compliance: IECIC (China), ISO 9001, REACH (Europe)

Benefit Claims: Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Cushioning Effect, Excellent Hygroscopicity, Fine Lines Reduction, Firming, Hair Growth Stimulation, Healthy-Looking Skin, Humectancy, Hydrating, Improves Skin Elasticity, Lifting, Long Lasting, Moisturizing, Non-Irradiated, Penetrating, Plumping, Repairing, Scalp Protection Effect, Skin Tightening, Smoothing, Smooths Wrinkles, Tewl Reduction, Volume Expansion, Volumizing

Synonyms: 12-Hydroxystearic Acid Triglyceride, Glycerine Tris(12-hydroxystearate), Glycerol 12-hydroxystearate, Glycerol Tris(12-hydroxystearate), Glycerol, Tris(12-hydroxyoctadecanoate), Glyceryl Tris(12-hydroxystearate), NSC 2389, Octadecanoic Acid, 12-hydroxy-, 1,1′,1′′-(1,2,3-propanetriyl) Ester, Octadecanoic Acid, 12-hydroxy-, 1,2,3-propanetriyl Ester, Tri-12-hydroxystearin

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