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Plantaren® 810 UP

Plantaren® 810 UP is a non-ionic surfactant made from 100% renewable, plant-derived feedstocks. This product is RSPO-MB-certified sustainable. It has first-rate environmental and skin compatibility profiles, creating a perfect synergy of mildness, foam performance, and effective cleansing. Due to its invaluable mildness, this surfactant is a perfect fit for sensitive skin and baby cleansing concepts.

Brand: Plantaren (7 products)

INCI Name: Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside

Functions: Surfactant, Surfactant (Nonionic)

Labeling Claims: 1,4-Dioxane-free, Biodegradable, Clean at Sephora, Credo Clean Standard, Environmentally Friendly, Ethylene Oxide-free, From Renewable Resources, Plant-Based, Preservative-free, Sulfate-free, Ulta Beauty's Conscious Beauty

Certifications & Compliance: REACH (Europe), RSPO MassBalance Certified

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Identification & Functionality

Cosmetic Ingredients Functions

Features & Benefits

Performance Benefits
  • Excellent foaming behavior – various attributes of foam volume, cushion, bubble size and body
  • High foam stability with low foam decay
  • Mild yet deep pore cleansing to remove dirt, sebum, and makeup from skin
  • Improves foam properties in combination with anionic surfactants
  • Gentle to hair fibers with efficient build-up removal for cleansing hair/scalp
  • Mildness for daily cleansing of skin and mouth
  • Low irritation potential for skin and eyes
  • Dermatologically and clinically tested
Formulation Benefits
  • Stable in a broad range of pH and applications.
  • Non-ionic, compatible with a wide range of personal care materials.
  • Cold processable, easy to use and water soluble.
  • Does not contain preservatives.
  • Suitable for a wide range of rinse-off applications.
Key Benefits
  • Medium foam volume
  • Medium bubble size
  • Good foam body
  • Substantial hair color maintenance vs. SLES
  • Solubilizes oils and fragrance well

Applications & Uses

Application Format
Bath & Shower Applications
Oral Care Applications
Personal Hygiene Applications
Wipes, Tissue & Towel Applications


Physical Form
Cloudy, light yellow viscous liquid
Typical Properties
ValueUnitsTest Method / Conditions
Active Matter62 - 65 %-

Regulatory & Compliance

Technical Details & Test Data

Sensorial and Thickening Data


Plantaren® 810 UP synergies in combination with BASF surfactants result in a high rate of foaming (mm/s), also known as foamability.

Test parameters:

  • Amount of foam: Amount of foam after two pumps
  • Foam cushion: Feel of the cushion, pillow, film between the fingers
  • Bubble size: Pore/bubble size and spread
  • Foam stability: Stability, how fast the bubbles burst
  • Creaminess: Feel of creaminess between the fingers
  • Foam body: Assessment of the sturdiness / plasticity of the foam

 - Foamability - 1

Foam Performance of Single Surfactants: Plantaren® (100%) vs. SLES (100%) and Dehyton® PK 45 (CAPB) (100%):

 - Foamability - 1

Description Label Ratio Naturalness (%)** Rate of foaming (mm/s)
Dehyton® PK 45
Plantapon® ACG 50
Plantaren® 818 UP
A 17
94% 0.37
Jordapon® SCI
Plantaren® 1200 N UP
B 25
97% 0.36
Plantaren® 818 UP
Plantapon® ACG 50
Texapon® SFA
C 33
100% 0.35
Dehyton® PK 45
Plantaren® 2000 N UP
D 25
92% 0.35
Texapon® SFA
Plantaren® 1200 N UP
Plantapon® ACG 50
E 66
100% 0.35
Jordapon® SCI
Plantaren® 810 UP
F 50
93% 0.33
Dehyton® PK 45
Texapon® N 70
G 25
73% 0.31

**Note: Naturalness % is based on renewable carbon content

Foam Performance of Plantaren® Synergies vs. CAPB:SLES (25:75):

 - Foamability - 1

Packaging & Availability

Country Availability
Regional Availability
  • North America
  • USA