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The Solabia Group serves the cosmetics, pharmacy, nutrition, biotechnology and microbiological diagnosis sectors with an extensive range of actives and ingredients. Solabia’s products are used throughout the world by the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. Expertise in biocatalysis, enzymatic synthesis, fermentation and plant extraction has enabled Solabia to create innovative products as well as partnerships with customers and internationally renowned research organizations while maintaining a commitment to sustainable development.

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Solabia Group Product Catalog
Products: Aquaregul-K®, ArgiSens®, Asparlyne®, BioEcolia®, Calcidone®, Camaderm®, Celloxyl®, Ceramidone®, ClariTea® BG, Cressatine®, D-GLYCARGINE®, Delipidol®, Ecoskin®, Glycofilm® 1.5P, Glycolift®, Guaraslim®, Mangalidone®, MATILOOK®, Mg-Relax®, Nutricert® Hair, Nutrimel® Skin, OMEGALIGHT®, Peptiskin®, POLLUSTOP®, REDYLESS®, Resistress®, Robustyl®, SANISKIN®, Seboxyl®, Sebustop® UP, Slimastevia®, Teflose®, Viniderm®, Vitaskin® E, Zincidone®, Omega 3 Ceramide® Flax, Omega 6 Ceramide® Safflower, Omega 9 Ceramide® Olive, Ageraline® BGV UP, Citrifoline®, Cryogenyl™, Cuivridone®, Fucogel® 1.5P, Kalidone®, Kerastim® S, Lantanine®, Laurydone®, Maturine®, Myristidone®, Nalidone®, Nympheline® PROV, Omega 6 Ceramide® Cotton, Phytovityl® C, Radicaptol® UP, Soyaline®, Tamarin AHA®, Trigogenine®, Waxidone®, Detoxi-Look®, Invincity®, ClariTea® PROV, Omega 6 Ceramide® Maracuja, Omega 9 Ceramide® Argan, Rhamnosoft® HP NAT, Sebustop® PROV, Fucocert®, 3Dermilyn®, BlueShield®, Ceralink+®, Saniscalp®, Avelanine® UP, Caobromine® PROV, Caophenol® UP, Caospice® UP, Maturine® BG UP, Nogaline® UP, Reasun® BG UP, Reasun® PROV, Reasun® UP, Vanirea® BG UP, Vanirea® UP, Caobromine® UP, REVYSKIN®, Pidolidone® Crystal, Glycopatch® 1.5P, Magnolidone®, Nuteline® PS, Oxycell® 1.5P, Fucogel® Powder, Fucogel® PHPE, Glycotensyl®, Physiogenyl® PF, Physiogenyl® Powder, FucoLife GR®, Invincity® Powder, ASTAPURE® Skin, Essenc'Age®, SeaLight®
Vegetal Expertise Catalogue by Solabia
Products: Oat Ecomilk® B, Quinoa Ecomilk® B, Rice Ecomilk® B, Sweet Almond Ecomilk® B, Anatolia fig Ecomilk®, Apricot Ecomilk®, Argan Ecomilk®, Avocado Ecomilk®, Bamboo Leaves Ecomilk®, Barley Ecomilk®, Chamomile Ecomilk®, Cocoa Ecomilk®, Coconut Ecomilk®, Cotton Ecomilk®, Green Coffee Ecomilk®, Marsh Mallow Ecomilk®, Oat Ecomilk®, Olive Ecomilk®, Peach Ecomilk®, Rice Ecomilk®, Rose Ecomilk®, Sicily Pistachio Ecomilk®, Sweet Almond Ecomilk®, Vegebios® of Angelica 1.5P, Vegebios® of Apricot 1.5P, Vegebios® of Arnica 1.5P, Vegebios® of Artichoke 1.5P, Vegebios® of Avocado 1.5P, Vegebios® of Bali Lotus 1.5P, Vegebios® of Balm Mint 1.5P, Vegebios® of Bamboo Leaves 1.5P, Vegebios® of Banana Tree Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Basil 1.5P, Vegebios® of Bearberry 1.5P, Vegebios® of Birch 1.5P, Vegebios® of Black Locust Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Bladderwrack 1.5P, Vegebios® of Blue Lotus 1.5P, Vegebios® of Burdock 1.5P, Vegebios® of Butcher's Broom 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cactus Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cardamom 1.5P, Vegebios® of Carrot 1.5P, Vegebios® of Chamomile 1.5P, Vegebios® of Climbing Ivy 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cocoa 1.5P, Vegebios® of Comfrey 1.5P, Vegebios® of Condurango 1.5P, Vegebios® of Corn poppy 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cornflower 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cotton 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cucumber 1.5P, Vegebios® of Cypress 1.5P, Vegebios® of Dandelion 1.5P, Vegebios® of Fenugreek 1.5P, Vegebios® of Fig 1.5P, Vegebios® of Florentine Orris 1.5P, Vegebios® of Frangipani Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Galanga 1.5P, Vegebios® of Gentian 1.5P, Vegebios® of Ginger 1.5P, Vegebios® of Ginkgo Biloba 1.5P, Vegebios® of Ginseng 1.5P, Vegebios® of Grape 1.5P, Vegebios® of Grapefruit 1.5P, Vegebios® of Green Anise 1.5P, Vegebios® of Hawthorn Berries 1.5P, Vegebios® of Hazel Leaves 1.5P, Vegebios® of Hibiscus Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Hops 1.5P, Vegebios® of Horse Chesnut 1.5P, Vegebios® of Horsetail 1.5P, Vegebios® of Hydrocotyl 1.5P, Vegebios® of Indian Cress 1.5P, Vegebios® of Jasmine Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Juniper Berries 1.5P, Vegebios® of Kau Pe 1.5P, Vegebios® of Kiwi 1.5P, Vegebios® of Laminaria 1.5P, Vegebios® of Lavender 1.5P, Vegebios® of Lemon 1.5P, Vegebios® of Lily Bulbs 1.5P, Vegebios® of Mango 1.5P, Vegebios® of Marjoram 1.5P, Vegebios® of Marsh Mallow 1.5P, Vegebios® of Matricaria 1.5P, Vegebios® of Meadowsweet 1.5P, Vegebios® of Melegueta 1.5P, Vegebios® of Melon 1.5P, Vegebios® of Mixt Mallow 1.5P, Vegebios® of Nutmeg 1.5P, Vegebios® of Orange 1.5P, Vegebios® of Orange Tree Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Papaya 1.5P, Vegebios® of Passionflower 1.5P, Vegebios® of Peach 1.5P, Vegebios® of Peppermint 1.5P, Vegebios® of Pineapple 1.5P, Vegebios® of Pollen 1.5P, Vegebios® of Rhatany 1.5P, Vegebios® of Rosmary 1.5P, Vegebios® of Sacred Lotus Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Saint John's Wort 1.5P, Vegebios® of Sea Fennel 1.5P, Vegebios® of Star Anise 1.5P, Vegebios® of Water Lily AP, Vegebios® of Water Lily Flowers 1.5P, Vegebios® of Watercress 1.5P, Vegebios® of White Nettle 1.5P, Vegebios® of Wild Mallow 1.5P, Vegebios® of Wild Pansy 1.5P, Vegebios® of Witch Hazel 1.5P, Vegebios® of Yarrow 1.5P, Oleat® of Anatolia Fig UP, Oleat® of Apricot UP, Oleat® of Arnica UP, Oleat® of Avocado UP, Oleat® of Baerii Caviar UP, Oleat® of Balm Mint UP, Oleat® of Bamboo Leaves UP, Oleat® of Bladderwrack UP, Oleat® of Cactus Flowers UP, Oleat® of Carrot UP, Oleat® of Chamomile UP, Oleat® of Climbing Ivy UP, Oleat® of Cocoa UP, Oleat® of Commiphora Myrrha UP, Oleat® of Cornflower UP, Oleat® of Cotton J UP, Oleat® of Cotton UP, Oleat® of Ginkgo Biloba UP, Oleat® of Ginseng UP, Oleat® of Golden Caviar UP, Oleat® of Hops UP, Oleat® of Horse Chestnut UP, Oleat® of Horsetail UP, Oleat® of Incense UP, Oleat® of Lily Bulbs UP, Oleat® of Mango UP, Oleat® of Myrrh UP, Oleat® of Peach UP, Oleat® of pollen UP, Oleat® of Sacred Lotus Flowers UP, Oleat® of Saint John's Wort UP, Oleat® of Spicy Cocoa UP, Oleat® of Sweet Almond UP, Oleat® of Witch Hazel UP, Oleat® of Yarrow UP, Glycolysat® BG of Artichoke UP, Glycolysat® BG of Buchu UP, Glycolysat® BG of Burdock UP, Glycolysat® BG of Eucalyptus UP, Glycolysat® BG of Eyebright UP, Glycolysat® BG of Galanga UP, Glycolysat® BG of Grapefruit UP, Glycolysat® BG of Green Coffee UP, Glycolysat® BG of Iceland Lichen UP, Glycolysat® BG of Kau Pe UP, Glycolysat® BG of Kola Nut UP, Glycolysat® BG of Mango UP, Glycolysat® BG of Matricaria UP, Glycolysat® BG of Peach UP, Glycolysat® BG of Pomegranate UP, Glycolysat® BG of Sacred Lotus Flowers UP, Glycolysat® of Aloe UP, Glycolysat® of Apple UP, Glycolysat® of Apricot UP, Glycolysat® of Arnica UP, Glycolysat® of Avocado UP, Glycolysat® of Baerii Caviar UP, Glycolysat® of Bamboo Leaves UP, Glycolysat® of Bearberry UP, Glycolysat® of Bilberry UP, Glycolysat® of Blackcurrant UP, Glycolysat® of Bladderwrack UP, Glycolysat® of Borage UP, Glycolysat® of Burdock UP, Glycolysat® of Butcher's Broom UP, Glycolysat® of Cactus Flowers UP, Glycolysat® of Carrot UP, Glycolysat® of Cassia UP, Glycolysat® of Caviar Pearls UP, Glycolysat® of Celandine UP, Glycolysat® of Chamomille UP, Glycolysat® of Cherry Stalks UP, Glycolysat® of Cherry UP, Glycolysat® of Common Centaury UP, Glycolysat® of Corn UP, Glycolysat® of Cornflower UP, Glycolysat® of Cucumber UP, Glycolysat® of Cypress UP, Glycolysat® of Dalmatian Pyrethrum UP, Glycolysat® of Dandelion UP, Glycolysat® of Date UP, Glycolysat® of Eyebright UP, Glycolysat® of Fig UP, Glycolysat® of Fish Eggs UP, Glycolysat® of Frangipani Flowers UP, Glycolysat® of Gardenia Jasminoides UP, Glycolysat® of Gentian UP, Glycolysat® of Ginger UP, Glycolysat® of Ginkgo Biloba UP, Glycolysat® of Ginseng UP, Glycolysat® of Goat Milk UP, Glycolysat® of Golden Caviar UP, Glycolysat® of Grape UP, Glycolysat® of Grapefruit UP, Glycolysat® of Green Coffee UP, Glycolysat® of Guarana UP, Glycolysat® of Harpagophytum UP, Glycolysat® of Hibiscus Flowers UP, Glycolysat® of Honey UP, Glycolysat® of Hops UP, Glycolysat® of Horse Chestnut UP, Glycolysat® of Horsetail UP, Glycolysat® of Hydrocotyl UP, Glycolysat® of Iceland Lichen UP, Glycolysat® of Indian Cress UP, Glycolysat® of Laminaria UP, Glycolysat® of Lemon UP, Glycolysat® of Lily Bulbs UP, Glycolysat® of Lime UP, Glycolysat® of Mango UP, Glycolysat® of Marsh Mallow UP, Glycolysat® of Melegueta UP, Glycolysat® of Melon UP, Glycolysat® of Millet UP, Glycolysat® of Nutmeg UP, Glycolysat® of Orange UP, Glycolysat® of Oyster UP, Glycolysat® of Papaya UP, Glycolysat® of Parsley UP, Glycolysat® of Peach UP, Glycolysat® of Peppermint UP, Glycolysat® of Pineapple UP, Glycolysat® of Plantain UP, Glycolysat® of Pomegranate UP, Glycolysat® of Primrose UP, Glycolysat® of Propolis UP, Glycolysat® of Raspberry UP, Glycolysat® of Rice Filtered UP, Glycolysat® of Rosemary UP, Glycolysat® of Royal Jelly UP, Glycolysat® of Sea Fennel UP, Glycolysat® of Sweet Almond UP, Glycolysat® of Tomato UP, Glycolysat® of Walnut Husk UP, Glycolysat® of Wheat Germs UP, Glycolysat® of White Nettle UP, Glycolysat® of Wild Mallow UP, Glycolysat® of Wild pansy UP, Glycolysat® of Witch Hazel UP, Glycolysat® of Yarrow UP, Glycerolat® B of Aloe Vera, Glycerolat® B of Bilberry, Glycerolat® B of Blackcurrant, Glycerolat® B of Date, Glycerolat® B of Ginkgo biloba, Glycerolat® B of Goji, Glycerolat® B of Lemon peel, Glycerolat® B of Matricaria, Glycerolat® B of Olive Tree, Glycerolat® B of Passionflower, Glycerolat® B of Purple Coneflowers, Glycerolat® B of Raspberry, Glycerolat® B of Sacred Lotus Flowers, Glycerolat® B of White Mulberry, Glycerolat® B of Winter Cherry, Glycerolat® of Aguape, Glycerolat® of Aloe, Glycerolat® of Anatolia Fig, Glycerolat® of Araucaria, Glycerolat® of Arnica, Glycerolat® of Australia Caviar Lime, Glycerolat® of Bali Lotus, Glycerolat® of Bamboo Leaves, Glycerolat® of Banana Tree Flowers, Glycerolat® of Chamomile, Glycerolat® of Cocoa, Glycerolat® of Cranberry Vm, Glycerolat® of Daisy Flower, Glycerolat® of Eyebright, Glycerolat® of Florentine Orris, Glycerolat® of Galaxaura V2, Glycerolat® of Genipapo, Glycerolat® of Grasse Mimosa, Glycerolat® of Honey, Glycerolat® of Honeysuckle, Glycerolat® of Hydrocotyl, Glycerolat® of Kau Pe, Glycerolat® of Laos Frangipani Flowers, Glycerolat® of Lesser Periwinkle, Glycerolat® of Lily Bulbs, Glycerolat® of Mandacaru, Glycerolat® of Mirabelle Plum V2, Glycerolat® of Myrrh, Glycerolat® of Papaya C, Glycerolat® of Pear, Glycerolat® of Peony, Glycerolat® of Pistachio, Glycerolat® of Pitanga, Glycerolat® of Pomegranate, Glycerolat® of Rhodiola, Glycerolat® of Rosemary, Glycerolat® of Royal Jelly, Glycerolat® of Siberian Ginseng, Glycerolat® of Spicy Cocoa, Glycerolat® of Star Anise, Glycerolat® of Sugar cane V2, Glycerolat® of Sweet Clover, Glycerolat® of White Hibiscus, Solabia group Anatolia Fig Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Authentical GLY of Cucumber, Solabia group Authentical GLY of Peppermint, Solabia group Authentical GLY of Rose, Solabia group Authentical GLY of Strawberry, Solabia group Avocado Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Babassu Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Bamboo Mannas Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Banana Tree Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Barley Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Cactus Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Chestnut Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Cocoa Milk 1.5PS, Solabia Group Coconut milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Condurango Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Cotton Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Florentine Orris Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Frangipani Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Hibiscus Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Honey Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Incense Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Jasmine Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Kiwi Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Mandarin Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Marsh Mallow Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Myrrh Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Oat Milk 1.5 PS, Solabia group Palm Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Papaya Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Passionflower Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Peach Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Peach Tree Milk 1.5 PS, Solabia group Pomegranate Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Primrose Milk 1.5PS, Solabia Group Rice Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Sacred Lotus Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Sweet Almond Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Velvety Sweet Almond Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Water Lily Flowers Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Wheat Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Apricot Milk 1.5PS, Solabia group Bamboo Tears Milk 1.5PS, Glycerolat® of Pitaya, Glycolysat® BG of Cypress UP, Solabia group Grenads Milk 1.5PS, Oleat® of Peppermint UP, Vegebios® of Centella 1.5P, Vegebios® of Iris from Florence 1.5P, Vegebios® of Ratanhia 1.5P, Vegebios® of Rosemary 1.5P, Glycerolat® B of Blackberry, Glycolysat® of Fucus UP, Glycerolat® of Neptune Harpoon, Glycerolat® of Sea Rockweed, Glycerolat® of Serrated Fucus, Glycerolat® of Spiral of the Sea
Physiogenyl® PF Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Physiogenyl® PF
SeaLight® Product Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: SeaLight®
ASTAPURE® Skin Product Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: ASTAPURE® Skin
SPA at Home by Solabia
Products: Mg-Relax®, Nalidone®, SeaLight®, NeoGlow®
Teflose® Technical Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Teflose®
Solabia Group Himanthalia Salt Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Solabia Group Himanthalia Salt
INVINCITY® Powder Specification Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Invincity® Powder
Teflose® Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Products: Teflose®
INVINCITY® Product Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Invincity®, Invincity® Powder
Glycerolat® of Serrated Fucus Specification Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet
Products: Glycerolat® of Serrated Fucus

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End Uses: Shower Gels
End Uses: Hair Treatment & Repair
Nutri 20-35 for Men
End Uses: Moisturizers