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Each product in the NUTRALYS® line is designed meet different functional and nutritional needs for virtually any food or beverage application. Sourced according to the industry’s leading quality protocols, NUTRALYS® Pea Proteins deliver healthy, sustainable solutions.
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Knowde Brand Summary


Animal Feed & Nutrition Functions
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Knowde Brand Highlights

Muscle Mass Development
  • Relative evolution of the thickness of the biceps brachii over the study period
  • Analysis on the population with a moderate muscle strength


n=20 for Control group, n=17 for NUTRALYS® group, n=31 for Whey group


 - 1


With appropriate exercise, NUTRALYS® pea protein promoted a significant increase in muscle mass.




Short Term Satiety and Caloric Reduction

Caloric intake measured at the ad-libitum lunch

NUTRALYS® pea protein induced a significant decrease of the caloric intake during the ad libitum meal (down to 11%)


 - 1

Brand Highlights
  • Highly quality pea protein isolate (85% on DS)
  • Source of BCAA (branched-chain amino acids)
  • Leucine 8.2g, Isoleucine 4.7g and Valine 5g per 100g protein (Nx6.25)
  • Alternative and/or complementary to milk and soy proteins
  • Low isoflavone content
  • Easy digestible
  • Faster-digesting protein compared to casein
  • Yellow peas require no irrigation and no nitrogen fertilization